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  • Spherical Lens Cutting
  • Spherical Lens Cutting
Spherical Lens Cutting Spherical Lens CuttingSpherical Lens Cutting

Spherical Lens Cutting

  • Category: Spherical Lens
  • Spherical lens Cutting
  • Production according to your requirements
  • A variety of coating optional
  • Ideal toconverge light from a point source or to transmit images to other optical systems
  • Product description:Customized spherical lens Cutting, Production according to your requirements, large diameter Plano convex spherical lens cutting, cemented spherical lens.

Spherical Lens Cutting

Cutting spherical lens, generally is cutting the plano-convex lens, the size and material of the lens are customized according to the customer's needs and drawings, our factory and R&D staff will provide you with the best choice according to your needs.

China Star Optics offers high quality custom designed optical spherical lens in any quantity from testing sample to mass production. Extremely small MOQ helps to reduce your initial project investment.

- Capacities from 10 mm to 350 mm
- A variety of UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals available
- In accordance with RoHS Standard
- Custom upon your unique optical requirements

Spherical lens is the most basic optical component of the microscope optical system, the objective lens, eyepiece and focusing lens and other components are composed of single and multiple lenses. Depending on their shape, they can be divided into two categories: convex lenses (positive lenses) and concave lenses (negative lenses).

China Star Optics can provide different kinds of spherical lenses like Plano concave lens, Plano convex lens, achromatic lens.

If you want to know more information about a plano-convex lens/mirror, such as the use and refractive index of a plano-convex lens, please contact us.


N-BK7, Fused Silica, zinc selenide, calcium fluoride and silicon etc.


plano, concave and convex structures, and cemented.


5-200mm +0/-0.1mm

Surface Quality:

40/20 Scratch and Dig

Asphere Figure:

P-V<0.5 μm

Lens Centration:

3 arc sec


Uncoated, AR Coating, BBAR Coating etc.