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CSOPT achieved a successful harvest at Asia Photonics Expo

Asia Photonics Expo ended successfully on March 8, 2024. The Asia Photonics Expo provides exhibition for worldwide optics and photonics enterprises, in particular showcasing the growth of Asian industry. Beyond exhibition, it is also a superior platform for learning, discovering and collaborating.

It is here, in the heart of Asia, where the seeds of the photonics revolution take root and flourish.  In order to enable Asian optics to go to the world, COSPT has also injected fresh blood into this exhibition.

This time, General Manager Mr. Zhu and Sales Manager Ms. Zhao brought CSOPT's optical technology and featured products to Singapore. Met a lot of new Malaysian-Thai, and Indian optical talent.

The success of APE 2024 will further stimulate growth in Asia's photonics industry and open up new prospects for the future. It breathes new life into the photonics industry, and we eagerly anticipate more innovations and collaborations that will drive the industry towards a brighter future.