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Special product introduction-350MM Large caliber Dome Lens

350mm Dome Lens by CSOPT

CSOPT large clear optical glass dome lens mainly are hemisphere, hyper-hemisphere, and customized designing. Whether it is a visible dome, UV dome, or IR dome, Ecoptik Dome has been confirmed in the international market. CSOPT dome is found in areas such as defence technology, weather monitoring, and optical imaging.

Today we will introduce the 350mm Dome Lens by CSOPT Technology Co., Ltd. It is rare to see a large-caliber dome lens in the optical market, and few factories can achieve such a large caliber.

Detailed parameters are as follows:Diameter 350mm +0/-0.2mm,thickness 12mm ,Surface Quality 60/40 Scratch.

Make an analogy in the field of underwater photography

Using Dome 350mm vs. the Dome 120mm is not a definitive difference maker, just as using different lenses. As explained above, the larger dome increases the variety, frequency, and compatibility of your use with your camera, lens, and set of conditions.  In other words, the larger dome make it easier to "get the shot" more often, regardless of what equipment you're using, and the conditions. The smaller, more travel friendly, more affordable dome can yield the same desired outcomes. But it may force you to work "harder at it" - meaning a "more controlled" set of variables like camera, lens, focal length, setting, proximity to subject, lighting, lighting type, framing, composition, etc. And that difference is exacerbated for split level (over/under) work.

It can satisfy all your ambitions for underwater photography and the exploration of the underwater world. It also will act as a solid barrier to protect your lens, and will also show you the clear, real underwater world.