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  • Short Pass Filter
Short Pass Filter Short Pass FilterShort Pass Filter

Short Pass Filter

  • Category: Optical Filter
  • Optical Short Pass Filter
  • Production according to your requirements
  • A variety of coating optional
  • Used to transmit wavelengths shorter than the filter cutoff wavelength
  • Product description:Optical filter, Band pass filter, Short pass filter, UV, IV, long pass filter, customized material and color long pass filter, short pass filter, band pass filter

Optical Short Pass Filter

Short-pass filters are used to transmit wavelengths shorter than the filter cutoff wavelength. They are commonly used in life science applications including fluorescence microscopy or for integration into various instruments. Short-pass filters are typically designed for use at 0° incidence angles, while short-pass dichroic filters are designed for use at 45° incidence angles. Short-pass edge and dichroic filters can be used with long-pass edge and dichroic filters to create custom band-pass filters that selectively transmit a portion of the spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths.

An optical glass filter is an optical device used to select the desired wavelength of radiation. A common feature of filters is that no filter can make the image of a celestial object brighter, because all filters absorb certain wavelengths, thus making the object darker. Its main feature is that the size can be made quite large. Thin-film filters generally transmit longer wavelengths and are mostly used as infrared filters.

Material: N-BK7, Fused Silica, Si, Ge etc.
Shape: Shortpass, Longpass, band pass, cut-off, Neutral density filter etc..
Diameter: 2 mm-100 mm
Clear Aperture: >90%
Bloking: OD3-OD6
Wavelength: As specified


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