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  • Right Angle Prism
  • Right Angle Prism
  • Right Angle Prism
Right Angle Prism Right Angle PrismRight Angle PrismRight Angle Prism

Right Angle Prism

  • Category: Optical Prism
  • Optical glass right angle prism
  • UV Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms
  • Bend image paths or redirect light at 90°
  • Used for Laser Alignment
  • Product description:Optical glass prism, 5 mm right angle prism, China manufacturer factory, professional craftsmanship, customized optical prism

Right Angle Prism

Right angle prisms are generally used to bend image paths or redirect light at 90°. This produces a left-handed image and depending on the orientation of the prism, the image may be inverted or reverted. Right angle prisms can also be used in combination for image/beam displacement.

UV Fused Silica Right Angle Prisms are made from UV fused silica which features low thermal expansion and excellent transmission throughout the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges.


● Endoscopy

● Microscopy

● Laser Alignment

● Medical Instrumentation

Optical prisms are polyhedra made of transparent materials (e.g., glass, crystal, etc.) that are used to redirect light to a specified angle. Optical prisms are ideal for light deflection and for reorienting images. The design of an optical prism determines how light interacts with it. When light enters an optical prism, it either reflects off a single surface or several surfaces, or it refracts as it passes through the substrate.

China Star Optics can provide different kinds of optical prisms like Dove prism, Right angle prism, Wedge prism, Pyramid prism, Polarizing Beam Splitter(PBS) Cube. If you want to know more information about a prism, such as the use and refractive index of a right angle prism, please contact us.

Material: UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals. BK7, Fused silica, Ge, ZnSe etc.
Prism Type: Wedge, rhomboid, dove, penta, right angle, roof, corner cube, littrow etc.
Dimension: 3mm-300mm +0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch and Dig
Flatness: 1/4 L@632.8nm
Deviation Tolerance: 10 arc seconds to 3 arc min


Uncoated, AR Coating, BBAR Coating etc.