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  • Polarizing Beam Splitter
  • Polarizing Beam Splitter
Polarizing Beam Splitter Polarizing Beam SplitterPolarizing Beam Splitter

Polarizing Beam Splitter

  • Category: Optical Prism
  • Polarization beam splitter cube (PBS)
  • Used to split input light into two separate parts
  • Ideal for fluorescence applications
  • Vertical incidence, easy to adjust the optical path
  • Product description:Custom Size Optical Glass K9 Beam Splitter PBS Polarized Cube Beam Splitter Laser Beam Splitter, polarization beam splitter cube, Optical Polarizing Beam Splitter (PBS) Cube

Polarization Beam splitter (PBS)


Polarization Beam splitter (PBS)is optical components used to split input light into two separate parts. Beam splitter are common components in laser or illumination systems. Beam splitter is also ideal for fluorescence applications, optical interferometry, or life science or semiconductor instrumentation. Light can be split by percentage of overall intensity, wavelength, or polarization state.


● Vertical incidence, easy to adjust the optical path
● Have good polarization
● Lower price
● Uses a single wavelength or broadband
● Compact design

Optical prisms are polyhedra made of transparent materials (e.g., glass, crystal, etc.) that are used to redirect light to a specified angle. Optical prisms are ideal for light deflection and for reorienting images. The design of an optical prism determines how light interacts with it. When light enters an optical prism, it either reflects off a single surface or several surfaces, or it refracts as it passes through the substrate.

China Star Optics can provide different kinds of optical prisms like Dove prism, Right angle prism, Wedge prism, Pyramid prism, Polarizing Beam Splitter(PBS) Cube. If you want to know more information about a prism, such as the use and refractive index of a right angle prism, please contact us.

Material: UV, VIS, IR materials and crystals. BK7, Fused silica, Ge, ZnSe etc.
Prism Type: Wedge, rhomboid, dove, penta, right angle, roof, corner cube, littrow etc.
Dimension: 3mm-300mm +0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch and Dig
Flatness: 1/4 L@632.8nm
Deviation Tolerance: 10 arc seconds to 3 arc min


Uncoated, AR Coating, BBAR Coating etc.

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