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Polygon Mirror Polygon MirrorPolygon Mirror

Polygon Mirror

  • Category: Optical Mirror
  • Maximum Size reach 300 mm
  • Any Number of Facets Available
  • Wide Variety of Shapes and Sizes Available
  • Optimized for Different Regions of the Spectrum
  • Product description:China Star Optics offers custom irregular polygon mirrors and metal coating reflective mirrors in different sizes include AU coating mirror, Al coating mirror, Ag coating mirror and others.

Polygon Mirror

China Star Optics manufacture custom optical mirrors up to 300 mm in diameter. All mirrors go through a stict quality control and inspection process before leaving the factory to ensure satisfaction with every single product.

China Star Optics manufacture polygon mirrors with ranging from any number of facets. Our polygon mirrors are used as key components in laser printers and multi function printers, medical equipment such as diagnostic imaging equipment, and scratch inspection equipment. Various sizes, number of facets, and shapes customizable.

China Star Optics offers high quality custom designed reflective mirror in any quantity from testing sample to mass production. Extremely small MOQ helps to reduce your initial project investment.

- Capacities from 1 mm to 300 mm
- N-BK7, Silicon, Germanium, ZnSe, ZnS, etc. materials available
- In accordance with RoHS Standard
- Custom upon your unique optical requirements

Material: N-BK7, Silicon, Germanium, ZnSe, ZnS etc.
Shape: Round, Quadrate, Polygonal, Spheric, Aspheric, Polygon
Diameter: 1-300mm +0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch and Dig
Asphere Figure: P-V<0.5 μm
Lens Centration: 3 arc sec


Metallic, Dielectric Coatings
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