Half Ball Lens

Material: BK7,Ge,Si,ZnSe,Zns,Silicon,Sapphire
Diameter: +/-0.05mm
Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Sphericity: 40/20
Surface Quality: lambda/10
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Half-ball (hemispherical) lenses are ideal for applications such as fiber communication, endoscopy, microscopy, optical pick-up devices, and laser measurement systems. 

· Fiber Coupling Half-Spheres

· Collimating Lenses

China Star Optics is specialized in manufacturing glass ball lens and half ball lens with optical glass and infrared material (such as Ge,Si,ZnSe,Zns,Sapphire Ruby etc.,) the capacity of every month is 5, 000,000 pieces.

we have lot of stock, welcome to inquire to us.

     ● Sapphire glass half ball lens

     ●  K9 glass half ball lens
     ●  Silicon half ball lens
     ●  Ruby half ball lens etc.

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